GM Chevrolet SS Auto Recall: SS is S-Sooo Hard to Steer

Is there another Chevy power-steering auto recall coming?

Breach of warranty auto claims have flooded in complaining about power steering problems and has led to a recall of more than 6,000 model year 2014–2016 Chevy SS cars. Specifically, the owners reported unexpected losses of power steering while driving. A warning light is supposed to illuminate when power steering is lost.

Although still functional, it takes herculean strength to maneuver a vehicle without power steering—particularly at slow speeds or when turning corners. A sudden loss of power steering could be particularly dangerous for less physically-strong or frail drivers. General Motors will reportedly begin the Chevy SS recall number 172488 and have dealers replace the affected steering gear assemblies shortly. There is no cost for owners or lessees to have any auto recall repairs made through an authorized servicer.

Interestingly, the upcoming Chevy SS power steering recall follows a 2016 recall of 2014–2016 Chevy Caprice police cars—which was also related to power steering problems. However, the power steering problems between the Caprice police cars and the SS are reportedly different. Unlike the SS cars, the police vehicle’s power steering issue was uniquely-related to the constant idling that police cars routinely do.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is the federal law that governs consumer product warranties. In a nutshell, a warranty is a seller’s promise to stand behind the products they sell and to correct problems when their products fail. Breach of warranty claims can be either a breach of implied warranties or of express warranties.

In the event a manufacturer breaches the warranty, a consumer may be entitled to compensation in a breach of warranty claim.

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