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GM and Goodyear Issuing Recalls Involving Tires

Is my Chevy SUV safe to drive?

Dangerous SUVs and defective tires have cost hundreds of lives and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. The most infamous cases involved Ford SUVs and Firestone tires. These cases arose in the 1990s and early 2000s, but a new issue has come to light involving General Motors (GM) SUVs and Goodyear tires.

GM has told its dealers to stop selling nearly 6,300 of its 2015 Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave SUVs because of problems with tires that will be recalled by Goodyear in February. The tire company plans to recall 48,500 tires. About 32,100 of the tires went to GM’s full-size crossovers; the rest are spare tires with the vehicles.
Goodyear states it is working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and GM on the issue. Once Goodyear issues its official recall, GM will also issue a recall for the affected vehicles. Until the recall is official, GM is stopping the sale of the affected vehicles that were sent to dealers with the tires in question. GM has not ceased production of the vehicles, but it is equipping all with other tires.

Goodyear plans to recall about 48,500 Fortera HL 18 inch tires, size P255/65R18 109S, manufactured from November 30 through January 10. Small cracks could appear in the tread, according to Goodyear, which found that a tire did not pass a routine endurance test. The company insists it is not a safety issue, and GM claims to have no reports of tire-related accidents or problems.

If you have a 2015 Chevy Traverse with these tires on them, Goodyear is telling consumers to replace the tires at any of their retail stores, authorized GM dealer or at their original point of purchase. The tires should be replaced for free with a similar tire. Goodyear’s Customer Service is available to handle any questions.

If your new vehicle has defective tires or other parts, and you have not been able to resolve the issue with your dealer, contact a skilled Lemon Law attorney today!

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