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General Motors Recalls 1.6 Million Vehicles

G.M.’s February announcement recalling 1.6 million cars has led individuals and law enforcement to second-guess a number of car accident fatality cases in which the motorist was driving a recalled G.M. model, the New York Times reported.

The automakers recalled the vehicles due to a defective ignition switch in various G.M. models that’s been linked to 12 deaths, including the 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt that Aubrey Williams of Alabama was driving when she swerved into an oncoming eighteen-wheeler carrying logs. Originally classified as a fatal case of driver distraction, Lexington police reopened Williams’ fatal crash investigation and re-classified it as a case of “mechanical failure” after G.M.’s February recall announcement. The original ruling didn’t sit well with Williams’ father, who knew his daughter, a mother of two, was an extremely careful driver. He suspected the faulty ignition switch and resulting issues might be to blame.

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More About the General Motors Recall

A defective ignition switch prompted the automaker to recall the vehicles. The switch is apparently very sensitive; a quick hit to the ignition or a heavy key ring could cause the engine to turn off and shut down the car’s electrical systems, deactivating the air bags and resulting in other safety and operational problems.

Just last week on the heels of the recall, the government has opened three investigations into the automaker’s delayed response in the handling of this issue: one by the Justice Department and two by Congress.

According to General Motors, the 12 fatal accidents involving the recalled vehicles all occurred prior to December 2009. However, the car company has never provided evidence supporting that claim.

The New York Times reported that G.M. made a statement March 12 regarding the recall: “The investigation of the ignition switch recall and the impact of the defective switch is ongoing. We will be better situated to accurately answer questions and provide additional information at the conclusion of the investigation.”

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