For Some BMW Owners, the Sky is Falling

Feb 1, 2018

Is my BMW’s exploding panoramic sunroof subject to a recall?

Maybe Chicken Little was just driving a BMW.

BMW defects attorneys might be reminded of that classic folk tale after hearing of the proposed class-action lawsuit against the automaker with respect to allegedly defective panoramic sunroofs “that are prone to shattering” and the pieces falling on the heads of vehicle occupants.

In the traditional folk tale, Chicken Little created widespread panic trying to convince the entire town that the sky was falling after he mistook the acorn that hit him in the head for a piece of the sky. Apparently, some BMW owners may have a better argument.

BMW owners and lessees complain that the panoramic sunroof/moonroof explodes, raining shattered glass down on their heads. At least one owner complained this happened while driving 70 miles an hour and originally led her to think she was subject to either gunfire or that an object had been thrown through the roof. Even when the sunroof/moonroof is closed at the time it shatters, the explosion can reportedly be both shocking and frightening. The distraction while driving would be potentially dangerous.

According to the proposed lawsuit, the defective sunroofs span 15 years and go back as far as 2004– the very first year the luxury feature was offered—and continues to affect several 2018 BMW and Mini models and as well. These are the BMW model years and makes proposed in the class-action lawsuit:

  • 2004–2018 BMW X5
  • 2005–2018 X3
  • 2009–2018 BMW X1.

The non-panoramic BMW 3 series 2005–2013 are also allegedly at risk of shattering.

In addition, owners and lessees of the following MINI model years and makes would be included in the suit:

  • 2006-2008 Mini Cooper
  • 2008–2018 Mini Clubman
  • 2009–2018 Mini Hardtop
  • 2011– 2018 Mini Countryman
  • 2013–2016 Mini Paceman.

Upset owners claim BMW “knows the sunroofs can explode and shatter, yet continues to conceal that knowledge from consumers and customers”. After the shock of the exploding incidents, frustrated owners are further shocked by the costly repair bills of “thousands of dollars” to replace the sunroofs—even when the affected vehicles were allegedly under warranty.

In the event of an auto recall, vehicle owners and lessees are entitled to have the defective part or system repaired or replaced by an authorized dealer service center free of charge.

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