Cleaning Haus in the New Jersey Car Sales Market

Sep 25, 2016

What if an auto dealer fails to install a feature I paid for?

Dirty allegations of consumer fraud against automotive dealer Luxury Haus, Inc. have resulted in a settlement.

According to the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, Luxury Haus, Inc. was accused by the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs of multiple violations of the following rules and regulations:

  • New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act
  • Motor Vehicle Advertising Regulations
  • Automotive Sales Practices Regulations
  • Used Car Lemon Law
  • Used Car Lemon Law Regulations

Collectively, the above rules are designed to protect consumers of both new and used motor vehicles from fraud in the automotive marketplace as well as to ensure motor vehicle safety. Because there are often stiff penalties assessed to those found in violation, it’s important to seek counsel from a New Jersey Lemon Law attorney if your car repeatedly has mechanical problems and you suspect you’ve been dealt a “lemon”. Likewise, a New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act attorney can help you if you suspect a dealer has deceived or defrauded you.

Is there any stereotype more reviled in pop culture than the sleazy used car salesman peddling that “cream puff” previously owned by a little old lady from Pasadena? Even new car salesmen are often distrusted as they emerge from private back-room financing conferences with their “best offer”, only to somehow sweeten that deal once you call their bluff and begin to walk away.

That reputation no doubt evolved from incidents like charging car buyers mandatory fees for services that are optional or charging them for services like an anti-theft system and then failing to install them. As for used car sales, failing to disclose prior damage to the vehicle is among the prospective buyer’s biggest worries for obvious safety reasons.

The above incidents were among the allegations made against Luxury Haus, Inc. in the now-settled matter. In addition to paying a civil penalty of $20,000.00 and attorney’s fees in excess of $17,000.00, Luxury Haus, Inc. “agreed not to engage in unfair business practices in the future.” If during the upcoming year the dealer complies with other settlement terms, the civil penalty may be reduced substantially.

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