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Chevrolet Dealership Accused of Violating Lemon Law

When can a car dealership be held responsible for violating the lemon law?

It is no secret that car dealerships can be resistant to lemon law claims. Taking back a vehicle they have sold and returning the money paid for it is a less than ideal situation for these parties. But, car dealers are bound by the lemon law of the state in which they operate and they must afford customers the appropriate accommodations if they claim that a vehicle is a lemon.

A Louisiana Chevy dealer has recently been accused of violating the lemon law. Mite Meggs, Jr. and Corrine Meggs purchased a new 2014 Corvette from Lesson Chevrolet Company in 2013. The couple agreed to a purchase price of $56,135, traded in a used car and financed the remaining portion of the cost. Approximately 6 months later the vehicle began malfunctioning and the couple brought it into the dealer to be serviced. The dealer informed them that the engine and transmission would need to be replaced. The couple claims that at this point they came to an agreement with the dealer to trade in the car for a newer model with a different engine. But, when they received the car, which they had to pay extra for, that it had the same engine. The Meggs claim that they then requested that the dealer refund the money they paid and allow them to return the car but that this request was denied.

The couple subsequently filed a lemon lawsuit against Lesson claiming that they had violated the Louisiana lemon law in that Lesson failed to accommodate them by repairing the vehicle or taking any other action required by law. The Meggs have requested that the dealer return the payments they made on the car and the value of the vehicle they traded in as well as various other fees and costs that were incurred.

Although the above case relates to the State of Louisiana, every state has its own version of lemon and/or consumer protection laws. If you have purchased or leased a vehicle and believe that it is a lemon, you should speak with a qualified attorney right away.

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