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Jan 12, 2014

A lot of car manufacturers out there are offering huge warranties on their new cars.

5 years—50,000 miles or 10 year—100,000 bumper-to-bumper warranties. Consumers are lured to these new vehicles with big warranties with the belief that these warranties implicitly state that the car will be a great car.

What can go wrong?? ….. The car is covered for such a long period of time…. Unfortunately the warranty is not a guarantee that nothing will go wrong, the warranty is in place if something does go wrong, the dealership will repair the issue free of charge. In the case of these new vehicles with huge warranties, the trend seems to be what can go wrong will go wrong.

That is why consumer protection laws are in place, you should not be required to keep bringing your car back into the dealer for unlimited amount of repairs just because the car is covered under a big warranty. Consumer protection laws state that a manufacturer, via their authorized repair dealerships, must repair your vehicle in a reasonable time. If they do not—you may be entitled to a new car, full refund or cash settlement.

If you purchased a new or used vehicle and ended up with a lemon vehicle, call us for a free consultation. My firm will be able to quickly determine whether you are entitled to a new car, full refund or a cash settlement under the Lemon Law or other consumer protection statutes. The firm is able to represent consumers for free because consumer protection laws, such as the lemon law, make the losing party pay for your legal fees and costs. Both Rich Scholer and I have been helping consumers for a combined decade. We will work to either get your case settled quickly or take the case to Court to a get you a great result. Call 1-888-611-5481 if you have a new or used vehicle that has had problems while under warranty that the dealer can’t repair.

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