Are You Tired of Problems With Your Equinox?

For the last century, Chevrolet has been one of the most iconic names in the American automobile industry. The company was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet, a racer, and William C. Durant, who was the founder of General Motors. Since its inception, the brand—which is part of General Motors—has grown into a giant. In fact, in 2020, two of the nation’s top selling vehicles were made by Chevrolet.

Last year, the Chevrolet Equinox was the seventh best selling vehicle in the nation—as the midsize crossover was the second most popular model made by Chevrolet. A total of 270,994 were purchased. The Equinox has continued to grow in popularity since its introduction back in 2005, and over the years has been met with praise from critics and consumers alike. Yet despite its popularity, there are some issues that have arisen with the Equinox in recent years that could be a cause of frustration for vehicle owners.

Most recently, there was a recall of specific 2021-2022 Equinox vehicles due to their tires, which may have been made in a manner that could ultimately lead to tread separation. This is in addition to a pair of recalls from 2020. First, there was a recall of certain 2021 Equinox vehicles due to an issue with seat belts, where the wrong bolts were possibly used which could cause the seat belt to not be properly attached. Second, there was a recall regarding the power train, where certain 2018 to 2020 Equinox vehicles were recalled because the start/stop accumulator could have missing bolts that may cause a transmission oil leak, which could then ultimately cause an enhanced risk of accident or fire.

In 2019, there were three recalls for Chevrolet Equinox vehicles involving service brakes, fuel system, and seats. Back in 2018, there were three recalls involving service brakes, fuel system, and window glass visibility.

Though it has a strong track record in safety, the Chevrolet Equinox has still seen complaints from consumers over the years. In recent years, complaints made with The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have included issues involving the engine, fuel/propulsion system, suspension, electrical system, and exterior lighting, to name a few.

In addition, the Equinox is plagued with check engine light problems that result in an unreasonable amount of repairs. When the check engine light goes on, sometimes the car can lose power, causing dangerous conditions, not to mention the hassle of bringing your car to the dealership to see if something is wrong.

If you have had issues with your Chevrolet Equinox in recent years, you are not the only one out there. Fortunately, you have options. The law protects you.

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