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Are Side Blind Zone Alert Systems Safe?

Will a side blind zone alert system auto recall be issued for the Cruze?

One of the most frustrating things about driving—and a popular cause of many accidents—is the pesky side blind spot. Before changing lanes, drivers check their rearview mirror, then they check their side view mirror, but there’s still a small spot where another vehicle could be traveling beside them in the next lane over but it isn’t visible in either of the driver’s mirrors. If the driver changes lanes with someone in their blind spot, an accident will likely occur.

Some people combat this problem by taking their eyes off the road and craning their necks to be sure it’s safe to change lanes. Others pay extra for safety features on their new vehicles like side blind zone alert technology or (“SBZA”). SBZA technology uses radar sensors to detect and warn drivers who want to change lanes that another vehicle is present in the blind spot, helping to avoid or reduce land-change collisions.

Chevy defects attorneys have learned of a proposed class action lawsuit regarding the SBZA systems in 2013–2018 Chevy Cruze cars. Specifically, the suit alleges that the side blind zone alert sensors—placed on the cars’ rear bumpers—can fail due to rain, snow, water, and debris on the road that obstruct the sensors. The SBZA system costs approximately $800 when purchased with the car.

Repairs to the SBZA system, if not under vehicle warranty, reportedly exceed $1000. Some drivers have allegedly had an initial SBZA repair done under warranty only to find the problem returns after the vehicle is past the warranty period because the repaired sensors are placed in the same spot. They argue the repairs are reportedly ineffective rendering the SBZA system useless.

The lawsuit alleges that problems with the SBZA system “caused issues with other electrical functions of the Cruze” that were unspecified.

If an auto recall was to be issued for Cruze models with the SBZA system, it could impact approximately one quarter of the “more than 1 million model year 2013-2018 Cruze cars in the U.S.”.

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