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Lemon Law

Local Representation – Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Here at Timothy Abeel & Associates, we handle all types of different vehicles under the ...
Lemon Law
Fiat, Chrysler, Toyota
Auto Recalls, Automobile Defects

Common Hybrid Defects

Hybrid vehicles continue to gain in popularity in the U.S. due to their fuel efficiency and benefits to the environment. Generally, hybrids rely on a combination of an internal combustion engine and a battery electric drive system. The electric motor powers the car at low speeds, drawing on the battery for power, in addition to supplementing the internal combustion engine when extra acceleration is required. Although these vehicles increase fuel economy and reduce emissions, hybrids have also experienced numerous defects since they were first introduced to the market.
Automobile Defects
Dealer Fraud, Lemon Law

Protecting Clients Throughout New Jersey From Consumer Fraud

Thousands of New Jersey residents are harmed by consumer fraud each year at the hands of ...
Dealer Fraud
Lemon Law

Are Leased Vehicles Protected By the Lemon Law In New Jersey & Pennsylvania

With cars becoming more and more expensive, leasing has become an increasingly popular option for ...
Lemon Law
Automobile Defects, Breach of Warranty, Lemon Law

Tesla Owner Claims Car Drove Itself into the House

What happens if my car crashes while self-parking?
Automobile Defects
Dodge, Ram Trucks
Auto Recalls

Double Ram Truck Recalls Make For Rocky Start to 2019

Are there two new Ram truck auto recalls?
Auto Recalls

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