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Dealer Fraud

Dealer Fraud: Salvaged and Flood Damaged Vehicles

Auto dealer fraud can occur in any number of ways, particularly when businesses fail to disclose certain information to consumers. If a vehicle has been flood damaged or totaled and the insurance company signed off on a salvage title being issued, for example, this must be disclosed to potential car buyers. But let the buyer beware: there is an active market where totaled vehicles are bought and sold, costing consumers millions of dollars in losses each year.
Dealer Fraud
Dealer Fraud

Dealer Fraud: Odometer Rollback Fraud

Today, purchasing a preowned car can provide consumers with significant cost savings, and it is often possible to find a quality vehicle. At the same time there are risks involved, not the least of which is dealer fraud such as odometer rollbacks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost half-a-million vehicles sold each year involve some type of odometer fraud. If you believe you purchased a vehicle with a rolled back odometer, you have powerful legal recourse under state and federal consumer laws.
Dealer Fraud
Dealer Fraud

Dealer Fraud: New Dealer Returns

Buying or leasing a car should be a straightforward experience,however things can become complicated when auto dealers engage in fraudulent activities or make misrepresentations to car buyers. Although state and federal laws require dealers to provide information about the value of a vehicle, once common scam involves new dealer return fraud.
Dealer Fraud
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Automobile Defects

Common Four Door Sedan Defects

Although automakers are currently producing a number of high-quality four door sedans, with millions of these vehicles on the road, defects are inevitable. Nonetheless, manufacturers have an obligation to ensure that the cars they provide to consumers are safe and reliable. They also must issue recalls when defects are detected internally or by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
Automobile Defects
Automobile Defects

Jeep Death Wobble Has Returned – This Time with a Service Bulletin and Class Action Lawsuit

We are beginning to see clients suffering from the so-called Jeep “death wobble” -- a rapid oscillation/vibration in the vehicle’s steering and suspension components that results in the steering wheel moving very quickly from side to side (see the video below). It typically happens after the car has driven over some sort of bump or other road imperfection at relatively high speed (more than 45 miles per hour) but it can start in other circumstances too.
Automobile Defects

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