4 Reasons Why You Need a Lemon Law Attorney

Jun 22, 2015

My new car is acting up already. Should I contact a lawyer, or just take it back to the dealer?

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, new car owners are protected from ‘lemons’ under the states’ applicable Lemon Laws. These laws are designed to ensure both domestic and foreign manufacturers are adhering to proper protocol and—most importantly—protecting consumers from unsafe and defective machines.

If you recently purchased a new automobile in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, and are already experiencing an issue, you need a Lemon Law attorney for the following reasons:

#4: Free Mechanical Evaluation:

In keeping with its best interests, a dealership or manufacturer will often try to “sweet talk” a new car owner into believing the malfunction or issue is minor, nonexistent, or will not be problematic. This leaves the buyer in a difficult situation, left to decide whether to take this advice at face value or spend hundreds of dollars for a second opinion from a mechanic.

By working with a Lemon Law attorney, a free and independent evaluation by an experienced and knowledgeable mechanic is included in the representation—which will reveal the true underlying issues with the automobile. By using this process, buyers are assured an objective and reliable outcome, which can be used against the manufacturer to demand the necessary repairs.

#3: Strong Advocacy:

Automakers represent big industry, big profits, and big intimidation. Going it alone against a global corporate conglomerate will be, at the very least, extremely daunting for the average consumer. At worst, the consumer will be railroaded into accepting sub-par service and forced to pay for some or all of the costs of the repair.

By working with an attorney, buyers can feel empowered that their position—which is fully supported by state law—will be honored and acknowledged.

#2: Enhanced Safety:

When buying a new car, safety is one of the top concerns for most consumers. If your new vehicle is exhibiting a defect within the warranty period, chances are the problem will only continue—creating a hazardous and dangerous scenario for both the driver and passengers. A Lemon Law attorney can help rectify the problem as quickly as possible, ensure the repairs are made in a timely manner, and prevent the manufacturer from passing on the costs of its mistakes to the consumer.

#1: It’s Free:

Under the Pennsylvania and New Jersey statutes, the manufacturer is required to pay the fees and costs associated with the defective automobile. This includes the mechanic’s labor charges, attorneys’ fees, and any other incidental expenses incurred along the way (i.e., a tow truck or rental). In light of this caveat, the consumer truly has nothing to lose!

If you are in possession of a new automobile that is not working properly, please do not hesitate to contact a Lemon Law attorney today!

Experiencing Similar Issues?

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