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Recreational Vehicles

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Recreational Vehicles
Automobile Defects, Lemon Law

Parts Shortages and Gas Prices Hurt New RV Owners

The huge numbers of people who have bought RVs since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic are now facing defects, repair delays, and soaring gas prices.
Recreational Vehicles
Automobile Defects

Keystone RV Company Is Losing Sales – What’s the Problem?

RV camping has been at an all time high. Americans want to go RV camping and they want to buy their own RV rather than rent it. In the past two years, the RV Industry Association recorded a significant increase in the number of shipments of RVs in the U.S., but there are signs that the RV surge is ending. Recently, Keystone RV Company announced two plant closures which they are blaming on rising fuel prices and a slowdown in sales.
Recreational Vehicles
Automobile Defects, Lemon Law

The Problems with RVs These Days

RVs, or recreational vehicles, have all the problems that other vehicles have plus more. They are effectively homes on wheels, with more functionality than a car, and many more things that can go wrong.
Recreational Vehicles
Lemon Law

Problems with your RV and your dealer won’t fix it?

To some people, it’s allergy season, but to RV owners and lemon lawyers, it’s RV complaints season. A record high 11.2 million U.S. households now own an RV, and as the weather warms up and they get on the road, RV owners are discovering broken fixtures, leaks, chassis holes, and a host of other issues. To add to the problem, many RV dealers and manufacturers are ignoring complaints, or brushing off frustrated RV owners with delays and excuses. Lemon laws exist to protect consumers from such defects and delays.
Recreational Vehicles
Automobile Defects, Breach of Warranty

Are Your RV Repairs Taking Too Long?

The RV industry is booming. With many people still working from home, and an increased demand for “socially distanced” vacation options, Americans are turning to the RV. However, the waiting times for purchasing new RVs and repairing used RVs is putting a dampener on many vacation plans.

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