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Timothy Abeel & Associates Get Results for Lemon Law Clients

Nov 12, 2014

If you purchase a vehicle and it is defective in some way you may be entitled to a repurchase (full refund) or replacement under the lemon law.

But, half the battle in obtaining this relief is dealing with the manufacturer. These parties know what they can and cannot get away with when it comes to individuals attempting to enforce their lemon law rights. Sometimes, it is amazing what a difference being represented by an experienced attorney can make.

A great example of success after retaining counsel in a lemon law claim is the case of a one of our clients who had serious problems with a vehicle that had recently been purchased. The client went through the required process without representation and ended up submitting to informal arbitration with the manufacturer. The arbitrator decided against the client. After seriously considering just dealing with the defect, the client finally decided to contact and attorney and retained Timothy Abeel & Associates as counsel. We were able to get the vehicle repurchased for a full refund.

Sometimes, hiring an attorney can even help when the individual does not have any lemon law rights. One of our clients had a seven (7) year old vehicle with a dangerous power loss defect. Even though the client was outside the lemon law claim period, our attorneys were able to get the vehicle repurchased for a full refund.

Lemon law cases are complicated and it is therefore important that you retain a skilled attorney as opposed to attempting to handle the matter on your own. While these results are not typical and no outcome is guaranteed, hiring an attorney works in your favor more often than not.

If you believe that your automobile is a lemon, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable lemon law attorney for a consultation.

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