Hyundai and Kia Car Fire Suits are Heating Up

What is causing the Kia and Hyundai car fires?

Things are heating up as auto makers, dealers, car owners, investigators, and even Congress is trying to determine the cause for multiple spontaneous fires reportedly erupting in several Hyundai and Kia model vehicles. Kia defects attorneys have learned of an investigative report and a lawsuit that shed some light on the problem.

One possible theory, which might apply in some cases but certainly not all, was put forth by a national news outlet’s investigative report wherein “auto mechanics and a fire investigator” working with some impacted car owners speculated that “the fires could be sparked by a leaky fuel pump”.

Reportedly, some Kia vehicles had already been subject to a prior auto recall that required an engine replacement which would have necessitated removal of their fuel pumps during the engine replacement repair. A service bulletin dating back to August 2011 reportedly advised mechanics that “fuel pump replacement done without new bolts and tubing may result in fuel leaks”, leading to the theory that spontaneous fires in models whose engines were replaced may be caused by fuel pump leaks if, when the fuel pumps were placed back, new bolts and tubing weren’t used.

But since fires have occurred in Kia vehicles other than those subject to the engine recall, there must be other causes as well.

In addition, Hyundai defects attorneys learned of a class-action fire-based lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai that alleges that oil sludge containing abrasive metal debris “clogs oil ports” and interferes with engine lubrication “causing the engines to seize and sometimes catch fire.” Allegedly, the metal debris was “left in the engines during manufacturing of the crankshaft”.

The fire engine lawsuit reportedly impacts the following makes and models years 2011 through 2014: Kia Optima; Kia Sportage; Hyundai Santa Fe; and Hyundai Sonata.

Other complaints from owners of impacted vehicles include allegedly:

  • having to pay “tens of thousands of dollars for repairs while still making monthly payments for vehicles that cannot be driven
  • concealing oil sludge engine problems and the dangerous consequences of fire risk
  • “refusing to repair the vehicles even though they are under valid warranties”.

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