GM’s Slick Move on Equinox Oil Complaints

Should Chevy Equinox models be recalled over excessive oil consumption issues?

If you overheard SUV owners complaining how they just keep feeding them and feeding them but it’s never enough, you might assume they’re talking about snacks and juice boxes for their brood in the backseat. But in the case of some Chevy Equinox owners, particularly those with 2012 models, they’re talking about the vehicle itself and its alleged excessive oil consumption.

Chevy defects attorneys are following a recently filed class-action lawsuit against GM alleging “GM knew or should have known” that the 2.4 L engines in Chevy Equinox SUV model years 2010–2017 “are defective because of oil consumption problems but concealed the problems from consumers”.

One of the lead plaintiffs purchased a used 2012 Equinox in 2017 from a dealer and reportedly experienced excessive oil consumption issues immediately which included ticking noises when starting as well as rocking back-and-forth when stopping—the latter of which quickly worsened from “subtle” to “bucking noticeably”.

Reportedly, one month and 1000 miles into ownership, his mechanic advised him that “over 3/4 of his vehicle’s oil had already been consumed”. The owner claims he discovered that a GM service bulletin about oil consumption problems had been issued. He claims the GM dealer’s technician said there was no auto recall. He also reportedly “never mentioned anything” about the alleged service bulletin.

When the problems continued, the owner contacted GM directly and was allegedly advised that “some 2012 model year Chevrolet Equinox vehicles equipped with a 2.4 L engine may exhibit excessive engine oil consumption (less than 2000 miles per quart of oil), due to piston ring wear. If this condition is present, an audible rattle or knock from the engine maybe heard”.

GM reportedly advised it would extend his warranty if this was the case, but when the owner brought his SUV to a GM dealer he was allegedly told he’d have to bring the Equinox in for oil consumption testing—to check its oil level every 500 miles for 2000 miles. The owner refused to submit to the repeated inconvenience of such testing and instead commenced legal action.

The lawsuit claims the GM dealers as well as the manufacturer know about and have a duty to disclose the oil consumption problems but “continues to conceal the defect from consumers.”

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