Challenging Transmission Issues Lead to Auto Recall of Dodge Challengers

Why are certain 2017 Dodge Challengers part of an auto recall?

To be “truly” in mechanical PARK… or not to be “truly” in mechanical PARK? That is the question Dodge Defects Attorneys and some vehicle owners are asking about the 2017 Dodge Challenger. The Challenger is an easily recognizable muscle car, known for its particularly vibrant colors like Go Mango and Green Go and more. The head-turner is offered with either a manual six-speed (or an automatic) transmission.

In an effort to “improve the shift quality by introducing longer clutch pressure vent rates”, changes were made to the 2017 Dodge Challenger’s transmission control module software. However, the software also can reportedly cause what is called a P1DDD fault that will cause the car to shift into 6th gear limp mode instead of PARK.

Technically speaking, the fault will occur “when venting the clutch pressure takes longer than 1.25 seconds and too many clutches are still engaged”.

The apparent glitch has prompted Chrysler to recall over 8,000 Challengers with 5.7-liter V8 engines and eight-speed automatic transmissions from model year 2017. The affected models, while appearing to be in park, may reportedly slip out of park and roll away if the operator doesn’t notice, hear, and heed the vehicle’s text and chime warnings that the vehicle is in fact not truly in mechanical PARK.

Although there have been no known reports of any injuries or deaths related to the defective transmission, approximately 140 breach of warranty claims have been made. Chrysler is reportedly recalling the affected Challengers and offering owners replacement transmission modules.

Not all 2017 Dodge Challengers contain the defective transmission module because Chrysler reportedly noticed and responded quickly to the software problem about mid-way through the production year. It also apparently doesn’t impact those who opted for manual six-speed transmissions—a popular choice—for muscle cars.

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