Bergen County Lemon Law Attorney

Mar 15, 2017

Bergen County, the most populous county in New Jersey, has a lot to recommend it. In addition to being an important place in American history, it is full of cultural, environmental, recreational and natural attractions. Besides several Revolutionary War sites, the county has a professional theatre (The Company), a zoo, a number of museums and galleries, an observatory, miles and miles of beautiful trails for biking and hiking, farmers’ markets full of luscious local produce, golf courses, arcades, gaming centers, a Medieval tournament facility, and a lovely memorial butterfly garden. Clearly, Bergen County is full of attractions, but for most residents and visitors a working car is necessary to get to them.

For most of us, having an undependable or dangerous vehicle makes it impossible to enjoy family outings, not to mention to do our daily commuting or shopping chores. If you have a relatively new automobile that has been giving you trouble and has been unsuccessfully repaired a number of times, you are probably dealing with a “lemon.” The dealer of your leased or purchased car must have attempted to repair it at least three times without success for it to be considered a lemon, except when the defect is liable to cause injuries or death, in which case the dealer only gets only one chance to make a successful repair. Fortunately, if you are located in Bergen County, or any other part of New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you have easy access to the services of Timothy Abeel, a highly accomplished Lemon Law attorney with an extremely high rate of substantial settlements and verdicts.

When the Lemon Law Applies in Bergen County

It should be noted that to qualify for Lemon Law a defect must substantially impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle. To be considered a lemon, the car defect must occur within 2 years or 24,000 miles of usage after lease or purchase, or have been unusable for 20 (not necessarily consecutive) days. There is a four-year time limit from the date of the third repair attempt for you to officially file a claim under New Jersey Lemon Law.

Timothy Abeel & Associates Wins Big Cases for Bergen County Residents

Our office has in-depth knowledge of New Jersey State Lemon Law and of federal warranty laws and and our attorneys are fully prepared to use that knowledge in order to level the playing field for you as you confront powerful auto manufacturers. At Timothy Abeel & Associates, we have a well-earned reputation for providing our clients with vigorous legal representation as well as personal attention. Our many positive outcomes in Bergen County include:

  • Brand new BMW i8 bought back for $150,000
  • Lamborghini brought in one time for not starting — $35,000 plus attorneys’ fees received
  • RAM truck owner obtained $15,000 including attorneys’ fees
  • BMW i8 with electrical problems that caused it to shut down — full refund plus attorneys’ fees obtained
  • Dodge Ram, bought brand new — after 3 or more repair visits for water leakage into passenger cabin, client obtained $15,000 for loss of value claim
  • Lamborghini, bought brand new for $350,000, brought in twice for no-start repair — client received $36,000 for loss of value claim.

These are only some examples of our successful settlements and litigations. Our attorneys are known to be sharp and aggressive, traits necessary when taking on large auto companies and their high-paid legal representatives.

What Timothy Abeel & Associates Can Do for You

At Timothy Abeel & Associates we are ready to handle your Lemon Law case promptly and with the highest level of sophisticated negotiation and litigation skills. Moreover, we are prepared to get your case primed for court. Once we take your case, we will send an outside expert to your home or workplace to examine your car completely. From the expert’s report, we will draft a carefully worded report detailing any manufacturing defects that are preventing you from using your car. This report will be demonstrable evidence that your car is indeed a lemon. We may use it as a tool to negotiate a settlement, or as a convincing part of our courtroom strategy.

Cars that are lemons affect your whole family, in terms of safety as well as bother. We understand that by the time you consult with us, you have experienced inconvenience, frustration, rage, and growing anxiety and stress. The office of Timothy Abeel & Associates can be trusted to treat you with respect and compassion and to provide you with prompt results and free, local, individualized attention. We are eager to restore your sense of justice by getting you one of the following:

  • Full refund of your down payment
  • Trade-in of equal worth
  • Monthly payments and taxes
  • Brand new car
  • Cash settlement

All you have to do is get in touch with us, complete our online case review, and send us copies of your repair documents. Our capable attorneys will take it from there. From the moment we take you on as a client we will work diligently to settle your claim. We will make every effort to get this accomplished within 30 to 60 days. And remember, part of the arrangement is that when we win your claim you will receive money for attorneys’ fees, expert witness fees, and court costs. In other words, you will never have to pay us; we will be paid by those who are at fault for all the trouble and inconvenience you have endured.

Take the Hassle Out of Your Lemon Law Claim in Bergen County

Don’t let Lemon Law problems take anymore of your time and attention. Lower your stress level by calling on Timothy Abeel & Associates. You can reach us by phone or by filling out a contact form on our website.

Experiencing Similar Issues?

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